Zerwell Energy LLC :  An Energy Consulting Company

  • 1st class Stationary Engineer’s License, City of Detroit (Unlimited Horsepower)(is current in
  • 1st class Refrigeration Engineer’s license, City of Detroit (Unlimited Horsepower) (is current in
  • Electrical Certification Certificate- Detroit Edison Co. (DECO)
  • EPA certified Refrigeration technician:
        required to pass an 8 hr exam on proper handling, disposal and
        environmental impact of varied refrigerants.
  • Graduate: International Correspondence School- “Refrigeration and Air Conditioning"
  • Qualified to work on misc. Refrigeration systems.
  • General Electric, Nuclear Boiling Water Reactor, Certified Senior Reactor Operator.
  • Completed 6 months training in Chattanooga TN & Decatur AL on all aspects
    of managing a Nuclear Power Plant

Graduate: Memphis State University - Center for Nuclear Studies
Studies included:
Heat and thermodynamics
Power Plant Physics
Nuclear theory and control of nuclear reactions
Water treatment protocols
Fluid dynamics etc.

Graduate: “Personal Dynamics Inc.", a course on interpersonal
Graduated from a 12 week Dale Carnegie public speaking course in 1999.

DECO committees served on:
P.E.O.P.L.E team.
A program to help employees implement personal and team ideas.
Power Generation “Communications" transition team.
A team that examined and made recommendations on different ways to
communicate with the work force.

PPO-77 revision team. (Lockout/tagout)
Was instrumental in including CATS in latest revision.
My proposal in 1984 to implement a “one tag" key tag system was
adopted and is being used in all DECO. Plants.
CATS (Computer Assisted Tagging System) team leader.
Worked with representatives from the major DECO. Plants.
4 year effort was a complete success
Coordinated plant personnel training on use of system
Gave a presentation to key management personnel, and answered
queries at Detroit Chamber of Commerce in spring of 97.
Bailey DCS (Distributed Control System) team member.
Included traveling to different power plants in the U.S. to evaluate
their plant operations efficiency.
WMP (Work Management Process) PIT (Plant Implementation Team) member.
Charged with implementing new work flow process at MonPP as part of
Power Generation’s reorganization plans.

Other applicable experience:

Coordinated starting up and final acceptance of MonPP Fuel supply’s refrigeration
And air-conditioning system.