Zerwell Energy, Inc. :  An Energy Consulting Company
The safe, efficient, and reliable regulation of fuel, air, water, and steam controls along with
generator controls for the purpose of providing system voltage control and company revenue from
megawatt production while satisfying all environmental regulations, legal requirements and Fossil
The Supervising Operator trains and directs the activities of the power plant operators and acts as
the Operating Authority's delegate in the implementation of the Protective Tagging System PPO-77.
Provides direction of maintenance supervisors and crafts personnel, and outside support groups to
perform work while meeting OSHA safety regulations. Also can serve as Operations Outage

Qualifications for the position includes:

City of Detroit first class Stationary Steam and Refrigeration Engineers license. (Unlimited
•        High school diploma or higher education or equivalent
•        Must have working knowledge of the Protection Procedures PPO 77. In the absence of a Shift
Supervisor and/or Assistant Shift Supervisor, the Supervising Operator has the sole responsibility of
administering the Personnel Protection Procedures in regards to all work performed on power plant
•        Requires a working knowledge of control systems for boiler and turbine operating systems.
•        Requires a working knowledge of organizational policies and procedures, safety standards and
regulations, environmental regulations, administrative procedures and the company-union contract
for represented employees.
•        Eight years operating experience.
•        Requires a working knowledge of CRT/keyboard usage, data entry, applications software
spreadsheets, graphics, database managers, etc., and time-keeping/pay practices. Requires a
working knowledge of all the plant and fuel supply equipment and systems, equipment performance,
testing, risk management and outage management.
In addition to the above requirements:

Was a certified PPO-77 instructor, and certified protection leaders.
Filled the Assistant Shift Supervisor’s position on MonPP 3-4 side for 18 months.
Served on the Urea to Ammonia (U2A) design committee and wrote numerous operating procedures.
Worked on Unit 1 and 4 NOX Selective Catalytic Reduction Converter (SCR) construction projects.
Wrote numerous operating procedures.

Filled position as “planner/scheduler" in the planning department for two years,
94 through 96. Used Management planning and control (MPAC) to plan work-orders. Interfaced with
personnel from many departments in the company, while performing varied scheduling duties
between operations and maintenance dept. Including acting
as Operations Outage Coordinator for unit outages.