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Does Thorium Deserve a Role in Next-Generation Nuclear Energy?

What does Thorium Technology have in common with other forms of Energy,
including coal, nuclear, wood, oil, gas? They can all make
steam to run
engines and turbines. Steam brought us through the industrial revoluton,
maintains our society today, and, in my opinion, will power our future
generations. So, our team decided to build a small steam power-plant to
allow a building to move off-grid most of the time. Here,we will document
major steps in the Starlight Power Cell project (SPC).  Chuck Bagwell, Team

Steam engine project 12-9-13

Steam engine project update  12-24-13

Steam engine and gen in place 2-11-14

Test run the engine/generator on air 2-17-14
                                   Some interesting facts:

BTU= British Thermal Unit, the amount of heat required to raise one pound of
water 1 degree F at sea level.

1 BTU= 52 foot pounds

83 million= Number of BTU per gram of Thorium.

3.7 Trillion= Number of BTU per pound of Thorium (Reference)

19 million= Number of BTU in a 2% Thoriated Tungsten
welding rod. The trick is figuring out how to coax them out of
the Atoms. Perhaps using a TIG welder with an ARC pig
attached; with the electrodes immersed in molten salt? With a
heat exchanger immersed in the salt?, making steam for a
small 3KW/h steam engine/generator? Maybe? Maybe not?
Our team is working on what we are calling the "Starlight
Power Cell", trying to find out; Our pet name for the cell is:
"Volcano in a can".  This project is open source. Please
provide feedback via the "Contact us" page. More later.